Every tool you need to launch and optimize your Amazon empire
Amazon Altitude Bookselling Course
  • Step by Step Video Course: Complete training on every aspect of launching & growing an FBA bookselling business.
  • 40 videos: The most extensive Amazon bookselling training ever created.
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Book Sourcing Secrets
  • Over 40 Profitable Book Sources: Complete video course detailing every source of cheap books to sell for big profits on Amazon.
  • Ultimate Book Profits Road Map: The blueprint for six-figure Amazon sales.
  • Bonus Ebook: The complete "Book Sourcing Secrets" ebook - free. (Thousands of copies sold). 
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Book Sourcing:
1k In A Day
  • First of its kind course: look over the shoulder of an   Amazon seller as he makes $1,000 in one day
  • Captured live: One day. Nine sources. One book sourcing road trip. One thousand dollars. Every detail captured.
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Pricing Mastery
  • Complete Video Course: Complete Masterclass on increasing Amazon FBA profits through pricing
  • Learn: How to increase your profits using every price hack in the book.
  • Users speak: "          (Thanks to Pricing Mastery) my profits have soared.  Thank you so much!"
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Condition Hacking
  • Complete course on book repair: Every trick there is for increasing the value of your books.
  • Get more for each sale: Restore books from Acceptable condition, turn used books new, and lots more.
  • Demonstration videos: Watch books get repaired, live.
  • Ebook: Bonus "Condition Hacking" ebook.
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Software tools
Zen Arbitrage
  • Source inventory in your pajamas: Run an Amazon empire without leaving your computer.
  • World's most powerful online book arbitrage tool: Over 15 tools and technologies no other tool offers. 
  • Start instantly: 100% web-based, nothing to download.
  •  Full support: Huge video library and live chat with the experts.
1. Buy cheap books onAmazon.
2. Resell FBA.
3. Profit the difference.
Online tool
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Zen Trade
  • The Ultimate Low-to-No Risk Business : Know your profits before you buy. Get paid to surf Amazon.
  • Full training: More than a tool, you're accessing a complete video training program on how to profit. 
  • Start instantly: One-click install. Loads instantly in your browser and you can start immediately.
  •  Run from anywhere: We set you up with a prep service who will receive & ship items for you.
1. Search Amazon.
2. Find hidden profits.
3. Lock in your price.
4. Profit.
Browser extension
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  •  Get a free scan for hidden profit: Lyquidator scans over 30 cash buyback and trade-in sites and reveals inventory you can receive quick cash or credit for.
  • Turn old inventory into quick cash: Lyquidator connects you to sites that offer free shipping &  instant payment when you submit your old inventory.
  • Takes 5 minutes to get a quote: Most Amazon sellers have no idea how much quick cash or credit is locked inside old inventory.
  •  Pay nothing until you know your profit: The scan is free. After, pay just 8% of the profit uncovered.
1. Upload inventory file.
2. Lyquidator scans for profit.
3. Pay 8% of total.
4. Cash out.
  • Game-changing repricing data: RepriceAlytics redesigns and reinvents your Amazon repricing page.
  • Streamline manual repricing: Embeds 3 new columns and 2 additional bonuses on the "Manage Pricing" page.
  • Manual repricing precision: The first manual repricing data & analytics tool.
  • See the data Amazon won't show you: If RepriceAlytics saves you from one average pricing error a month, it pays for itself.
RepriceAlytics embeds the following on Amazon's "Manage Pricing" page:

1. 12-month average rank column
2. 12-month average price column
3. Average price for this month last year column
4. Keepa charts
5. Direct link to FBA offers
Chrome Extension
  •  The First Historical Sales Rank Tool: TruRank embeds average sales rank data directly below each book on Amazon.
  • 12 Month Average Rank Revealed: TruRank provides weighted averages for over 20 million books,  allowing you to know the true demand for your inventory.
  • More Historical Sales Rank Data: For books with seasonal demand, TruRank displays the average rank for this month last year.
  •  The Cheaper Keepa Alternative: With Keepa's sales rank data behind a paywall, get the precision sales rank data for almost half the price.
1. Do any book search on Amazon
2. TruRank publishes sales rank data below each.
3. Get the right data for intelligent buying & pricing.
$9.99 / month
Chrome extension
Books by Peter Valley
  •  "The World's Most Published Author On Amazon Selling."
  • Over A Dozen Titles: From book sourcing to outsourcing to book repair, Peter Valley's Amazon Author page has you covered.
Printed books
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Get paid 50% per sale to promote our courses.

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